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Your hip flexors (or psoas muscles) attach to the bones/discs in your lower back as well as to a bump on the inside of your femur (the bone of your upper leg). Therefore, it allows us to lift our legs for important movement like walking and running. 

Frequently, one or both of our hip flexors get tight due to prolonged sitting or activities that stress the muscle such as running or kickboxing. As this muscle gets tight, it pulls that hip closer to the pelvis. This can give us the appearance of a "short leg" or make us feel "off kilter." In extrememe cases it can put pressure on the femoral nerve causing numbness, tingling or burning pain. 

Though chiropractic adjustments on their own can provide a temporary fix; those adjustments coupled with a psoas release or deep tissue massage of the muscle and stretching at home provide a permanent solution. The photo above shows a version of a hip flexor stretch that I teach in office, there are many variations of the stretch and it is important to find one that feels comfortable and challenging at the same time. 

It is my priority to empower my patients with stretches and exercises that support our work in office; therefore, you do not have to feel dependent on adjustments alone. 

Erin Hoberg

Erin Hoberg


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