One-on-One Care
Block out a 45 minute evaluation with Dr. Hoberg.

We believe in quality over quantity with our approach to care. Muscles move joints - so the most affective treatment affects the musculoskeletal system as a WHOLE. We empover you with stretching and strengthening techniques to help your adjustments last longer.

It also gives you more relief in between! 

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Benefits of seeking treatment with the Community Chiropractic Center.

One On One Care
We offer one on one attention for 20-40 minute blocks, depending on your needs
Customized Care
Tailored plan to their needs most plans get them significant results within 1 month.
Wide Range Of Treatments
Combination of techniques and treatments; including soft tissue, exercises and kt tape.
Meet Dr. Erin Hoberg
Your guide to feeling great again.
Dr. Hoberg will use her broad base of knowledge and variety of experiences in her chiropractic career to help you with your needs. She feels strongly that her patients should feel confident to return to their favorite activities without fear of re-injury. She will give you the tools to suppliement your treatments with home care to break dependency on overly frequent adjustments. She is happiest to work with pregnant moms through their pre and post-partum journeys. 
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Too many people are living with pain and discomfort during pregnancy.
At Community Chiropractic Center we help you have a healthy natural birth, get you back to normal activities, and improve your posture and strength.
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"Dr. Hoberg helped so immensely gave my back the confidence and abilities to walk normal again from an ankle injury. She is amazing."

A. Driver

We take you from struggling to thriving.

This is our simple process.
Reach Out
Call or click the "book now" button to set up an appointment.
Receive Customized Treatment
Follow a tailor made plan suited to help you reach your goals
Reclaim Your Life
You will feel stronger and more able take on all your favourite activities.
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Imagine how great it is going to feel when you can keep up with your kids again and get back to your active live.
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